123 HP Envy AirPrint Setup Guide

123 HP Envy AirPrint Setup is a free app from Apple INC. You can connect and print documents and images wirelessly with your HP printer from your iPhone, and iPad running Apple iOS v4.2 and higher.


  • An Apple iPhone, or iPad running iOS 4.2 or higher (Update older iOS versions to the latest version available).
  • A wireless enabled HP printer that supports AirPrint.
  • A wireless internet connection
  • AirPrint supported apps.

To start printing from an app, tap or action icon and then choose Print. If the Action icon or the Print button is not available then, the app doesn’t support 123 HP Envy AirPrint Setup.

123 hp envy airprint setup


  • AirPrint is only supported in private network and it doesn’t work at public wireless networks such as public Wi-Fi hotspots or Bluetooth.
  • AirPrint is not compatible with HP printers launched before 2010.


  1. Install AirPrint from the Apple store.
  2. Open the document you want to print and click SHARE.

123 hp envy apple devices print click

  1. Swipe down to find the print option and select it.

123 hp envy apple devices print select

  1. Select the printer from the list and press PRINT.

123 hp envy apple devices printer option


  1. Download HP Print Service Plugin from Google Play and Install it.
  2. Open the photo or document to print, click the MENU icon and select PRINT.

123 hp envy android devices select print

  1. Choose your printer from the list of available printers.

123 hp envy android devices printer list

  1. Set your Preferences and click PRINT.

123 hp envy android devices click print


  1. Open the file to be printed and select the DEVICES icon on the right side of the screen (swipe from right to left).

123 hp envy windows devices

  1. Select the printer from the list. If you don’t see your printer on the list, click ADD and enter your printer details.

123 hp envy windows printer details

  1. Once your printer is added, select PRINT.

123 hp envy windows select print


  1. Open the document you need and click the print icon.

123 hp envy airprint

  1. Select your printer from the list.

123 hp envy kindle printer list

  1. Change the printer settings as required and click PRINT.

123 hp envy kindle click print

123 HP Setup ENVY – ePrint:

HP ePrint is a free service that will enable the user to print documents at any time from any location. The ePrint process is extremely simple. You will have to send the document that you want to print, to the email address assigned to your printer. Once, you sign up for an account, you do not need any special software or driver. For full featured driver go to 123.hp.com/envy

hp envy eprint

Basic Requirements:

  • Working internet connection (Broadband preferable).
  • ePrint capable printer.

To print using HP ePrint from HP Envy printer:

  • To enable Web services, press ePrint from the printer’s control panel. Accept the Terms of Use and follow the on-screen prompts.
  • Print the ePrint information page and follow the steps to sign up an ePrint account.
  • Open your email application in your mobile or on your computer.
  • Create a new email message and attach the documents/photos, you want to print.
  • Enter the email address in the box and select Send. (Do not specify an email id in the Bcc field. If any mail is addressed in the Bcc field, the document will not be printed.)

AirPrint Vs HP ePrint:

  • 123 HP Envy AirPrint Setup works only on the iPhone, or iPad touch (iOS 4.2 or later) connected with the compatible HP printer over a private wireless network.
  • HP ePrint works on any Android or iOS devices. Send an email from your Smartphone to your HP printer.

Google Cloud Print

Google Cloud Print is a free cloud based printer service provided by Google that connects your HP Envy printers to the Internet. You need a Google Cloud Print enabled Envy printer and a computer or Smartphone with Internet access.

123 hp envy google cloud print
You need:

  • A computer running Linux, or OS X v10.7 or later, or Windows 7 or later.
  • Google Chrome must be installed on your computer.
  • A Google Account for signing up.
  • HP Envy printer connected to the same wireless network as your computer.
  • An Internet connection.

To Register:

  • Switch ON the HP Envy printer
  • Open your Google Chrome browser and sign into your Google account.
  • Click on the Chrome menu icon, and choose Settings from the drop-down menu.
  • Scroll down and choose Show advanced settings
  • Now scroll further down to Google Cloud Print and click Manage button.
  • Google cloud print detects any printer on your network.

Connecting your Printer to Cloud

Cloud Ready Printers:

The HP Envy printer connects directly to the internet. Make sure your printer is cloud ready or is HP ePrint capable.

  • Open Google chrome.
  • In a new tab open chrome:// devices.
  • Click on My Devices and make sure if your HP Envy printer is listed under it.
  • If your HP printer is listed under My Devices, then your printer is already registered with Google Cloud Print. Click Manage to view the registered Google Cloud Print printers.
  • If it is listed under New Devices, choose Register and then print a confirmation page.
  • If your HP printer is not listed, then ensure that your HP printer is connected to the network or try connecting with your HP printer’s email address.