[SOLVED] E9 Error Code

This error commonly occurs when the printer detects that ink system maintenance is needed. The Ink system maintenance page prints with the error and also contains the instructions to resolve this error. This error can be avoided if the ink cartridge and the printhead system are maintained correctly.

Steps for How to Fix E9 Error Code?

  • Open the printhead access door and close it immediately.
  • Make sure the latch is not opened or touched.
  • Opening the latch accidentally can result in damage to the ink system.
  • A mechanical process inside the cartridge system helps to maintain print quality and remove ink buildup.
  • Check how many times the printer has primed new printheads and when it requires servicing.
  • The Priming status is present in the bottom of the report.
  • It will also display the number of times the printer can prime a set of printheads before it must be serviced.
  • Replace the cartridges to check if there is an error with the printers.
  • Make sure to replace these ink cartridges with the genuine HP ink cartridges which can be purchased from the retailer or from the manufacturer website itself.
  • Using any third party ink cartridges may result in poor print quality or malfunctioning of the ink printer cartridge.
  • Raise the scanner part to find the cartridge access area where the ink cartridges are present.
  • It contains the ink which gets deposited on a paper during printing. An ink cartridge area consists of one or more ink reservoirs. They will start to move and position themselves for detachment.
  • Remove the ink cartridge by lifting it firmly upwards. Unseal the new cartridge and remove the orange tab that seals the ink nozzles for protection.

  • Usage of high quality-genuine ink gives best print quality. If the machine is turned OFF, then turn it ON.
  • Access the operation panel where the cartridge area will be found. This will move it to its replacement location.
  • Take the new cartridge and slide it in a diagonal manner. Push the cartridge until a click is heard which indicates the cartridge has fitted perfectly. Make sure that the front end is inserted first.
  • Close the back panel now after successfully installing the new ink cartridge.
  • Ink cartridges are refilled by many third party companies. Refilling can be done by placing an order online.
  • Although it is not recommended to use refilled cartridges for the HP printer, many users tend to refill their ink tanks.
  • Before refilling ink, it is safe to wear hand gloves so that the ink will not spill on your bare hands.
  • A screw driver or a special-sized drill is needed to drill out a small hole into the cartridge.
  • A syringe is needed to fill in the ink into the empty cartridge. If you want to refill the ink by yourself, then make sure to buy ink from a well-known source.
  • If none of the above steps work, then take the printer to your authorized service center and get it repaired or replaced.
  • Try all the above steps precisely. If none of them work, then call our Toll-free number and our customer support team will find a solution for your printer-related queries.