HP Ink Tank Wireless 319 Printer Guidance

The HP Ink Tank Wireless 319 is an all-in-one, multi-functional photo printer that produces 8,000 color pages and 6,000 black pages with a filled set of ink tanks at an extremely low cost-per page. Ink levels can be restored with resealable bottles and spill-free refill system. The device is capable of printing darker, crisper text for documents and borderless, fade-resistant photos. It is solely designed for photo enthusiasts and is best suited for both home and office use. It is ENERGY STAR certified and supports USB connection. The Control Panel has three LED lamps, five buttons, and one LCD display. It weighs 4.67 kilograms and is easily portable.

123 HP Ink Tank Wireless 319

How to install Driver Softwate Using CD/DVD

The HP Ink Tank Wireless 319 is a versatile printer. It is accompanied by an instruction manual, a driver installation disc, a power cable, a phone cord for fax connection, ink bottles, and printheads. The installation disc comprises driver files in different formats to be installed in the printer. If your laptop does not have DVD drive, use an external driver to install the driver files.

  • Establish the power connection and Turn ON the Printer. Establish network connection between the printer and laptop.
  • The installation disc contains driver files for Windows, Mac, and Linux Operating systems.
  • Eject the optical CD/DVD drive from the laptop. Place the disc on the drive and push it back in.
  • Open My Computer/This PC on your laptop. Double-Click on the CD drive and wait till it opens.
  • Then choose the currently installed (OS)Operating system – Windows, Mac, or Linux in your device.
  • After opening the folder, choose the folder containing the APT version of the OS and open the folder.
  • Select the setup file(.exe) that is in .exe format. Right-click the file and select the Run option from the drop-down menu.
  • Click the “Yes” option when the system prompts and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.
  • When using an external drive, connect it to the laptop using a USB cable and follow the steps above.

HP Ink Tank Wireless 319 Printer Manual & Driver Download

The printer’s driver establishes the connectivity between the computer and the printer. It is important to install the driver when you set up the printer for the first time. The full feature software is available for most of the HP printers. It is recommended for most of the users to install. If the CD does not have the current driver version, download the upgraded driver from this website. To download, click on the driver button. It automatically starts to download and save in the Downloads folder. Run the .exe file for the Windows and .dmg file for the Mac.

How to Print Test Page?

A test page is printed to check the network connection status of the HP Ink Tank Wireless 319 printer. It contains the following information: printer name, printer model, Service Set Identifier (SSID), Internet Protocol (IP) address, Static address, TCP/FTP (if available), network name, and network connection status. Follow the instructions below to print a test page.

  • Connect the printer to a power supply using the power cable accompanied by the printer. Turn on the printer by pressing the Power button.
  • Activate your network supply (router). Enable the Wi-Fi feature on your device and tap the Scan button. Wait till the device automatically connects to the wireless network.
  • If the auto-connection fails, tap on the desired network displayed on the screen to manually connect to the network. Similarly, enable the Wi-Fi feature on your computer.
  • Wait till the system automatically connects to the wireless network. After the connection is established, check if both the devices are connected to the same network.
  • Then open the Settings menu on the HP Ink Tank Wireless 319 printer. Navigate to the Control Panel settings and click on the Wireless settings option. Scroll down and select the Networks category.
  • Under the category, click the Network Test option, then select the Print Test report option. Check the output tray for the test page. There is also another method for printing the network test page.
  • After establishing the network connection, press the Resume or Cancel button continuously for few seconds. The test page will be printed.

HP Ink Tank Wireless 319 Printer Troubleshooting

The HP Ink Tank Wireless 319 is a versatile and dynamic printer. However, it faces slight issues such as paper jams, paper-feed problem, printhead issues, print/copy/scan issues, hardware problems, ink refilling problem, USB connection error, printer offline error, printer not printing, carriage problem, black/color ink not printing, printer facing problem with Windows/Mac/Android device, and problems with the printhead alignment. We extend our service by providing the link to download the free instruction manual for the printers. Click the Manual Download button and follow the on-screen instructions to download the manual. You can also contact our technical executive by dialing the Toll-Free number provided on this site.

Blinking Lights & ‘E’ Errors

When the HP INK TANK 319 develops an error, an error message (error code) after the letter ‘E’ will be displayed on the printer’s screen. Following is the list of some errors: random blinking of wireless lights, error A (alignment problem), error P (printer was interrupted), all the lights are off and the printer does not respond, ePrint light blinks randomly, and much more.

  • The Wireless light will blink when the HP Ink Tank Wireless 319 printer tries to connect to the wireless router or access point. While establishing a wireless connection, wait for few minutes and observe the light.
  • If the printer establishes a connection, you can stop troubleshooting. If the Wireless indication light continues to blink, proceed with the next step.
  • Following are the factors that might cause the printer to lose the wireless connection: The network connection might no longer be active, or has low signal strength.
  • The printer goes into sleep mode or standby mode. The printer might be either too far away from the wireless router, or too close to it.
  • The recommended distance between the printer and the router is 1.0 meter to 1.5 meters (3 ft – 5 ft). A firewall might also prevent the printer from accessing the computer and wireless network.

Moving OR Transporting HP Ink Tank Wireless 319 Printers

  • Follow the upcoming instructions to transport the printer over long distance. Turn on your printer and open the access doors.
  • Press (touch) and hold the black color copy button for three seconds. The printheads will move to the center position.
  • With the printer turned on, disconnect all the cables from the printer. Be aware of any current shocks and voltage fluctuations.
  • Push down the blue-colored latch on the printhead assembly. Remove the printheads one by one from the slots.
  • Slide the assembly to the right side of the HP Ink Tank Wireless 319 printer after removing all the printheads. Lock the latch back in its position.
  • Open the ink tank access doors. Check whether the ink plugs (ink tank covers) are secured and locked tightly.
  • Then close all the doors. Place the printer into the Styrofoam boxes and place it in a plastic cover.
  • Close the bag completely and seal it with a cello tape. Place the enclosure in a good-quality box. Seal the box.