Printer Makers Are Crippling Cheap Ink Cartridges Via Bogus ‘Security Updates’


Consumer choice gets a serious hit with Epson’ s latest “so called” security update that blocks the users from using third-party ink cartridges. The company, through a software update named as “poison pill” is a disguised version of security update that will no longer permit third party cartridges.

It is well known that the printer manufacturers have been battling for a long time to prevent the users from installing these cartridges in their products. But unfortunately, due to the unimaginable prices of the manufacturer cartridges that cost you a fortune to buy, the third party cartridge manufacturing industry has always witnessed a steady boom in the last few years. Despite continuous efforts by the printer manufacturers to control this issue, the consumer choices have been the fuel driving this industry on the whole.

Companies like Lexmark and HP have already tried their hand in attempting to control this issue but has ended up with no improvement. Copyright claims and patent lawsuits have also been unsuccessful in ruling out the third party cartridge manufacture industry.

Keeping the device without proper updating makes it vulnerable to attacks form numerous bloatwares that are targeted towards the devices on a large scale. Keeping cyber security as the most alarming concern, the users are left with no other option rather than updating their software. With a furious response from the public, companies like HP had no other go rather than downgrading the particular update to pacify its consumers. However, Epson after almost a decade has again tried this sensitive update to its printers which is majorly criticised by a number of people.

This will affect the market sales of Epson products in a huge volume and will impact also in the economic growth of the company. Consumers still believe that this update will be rolled in to downgrade to the earlier version that was pretty user friendly.

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