How to Fix Duplex Print Problem in HP OfficeJet Pro 6230 Printer?

The Duplex Printing enables you to print on both sides of the document. If you are facing the duplex printing issue, follow the guidelines that are mentioned below. Check if you have turned off the duplex printing option. You can change the duplex printing settings from the printer dialog box.

Go to the advanced settings and choose the option One Sided print or Single side printing. Click Ok to save the settings. Turn Off the automatic duplexing option on your printer. Download and install the HP Print and Scan Doctor tool. Run the tool, which will diagnose and troubleshoot the issues that occur in the printer. Make sure your internet connection is activated for the Doctor tool to work properly. Once the issue is determined, follow the on-screen instructions that are displayed which will rectify your issue. Now, try the print function.

If you still face the issue, try uninstalling and re-installing the driver package. Uninstall the driver from the Programs and Features on your system. Delete your printer if it is listed on the Device Manager. Click on the Print Server Properties—-> Drivers and remove all the drivers. Restart your printer and the system. Press the Win + R and type %temp%. Now, the Enter key which will display all the temporary files. Delete all the temporary and the cache files. Re-install the driver software from the trustworthy site. If these suggestions did not help, then try servicing printer from the trusted website.

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