Biscom Introduces Smart Apps for HP Multifunction Printers

Biscom, a main supplier of secure record conveyance answers for directed businesses, today declared it will reveal three new applications for HP Multifunction Printers (MFP) running the JetAdvantage App’s stage. The applications mean to make work processes increasingly gainful and ensure privacy by dealing with the filtering, sending, getting, handling, and printing of archives straightforwardly on a MFP gadget without utilizing a PC. The Biscom applications for HP’s JetAdvantage App’s give clients simple review of sent and got records from a shading show board, while keeping up security and control.

Biscom’s new applications for HP JetAdvantage Apps include:

Biscom SFT for JetAdvantage – Enables verified clients to examine substantial and classified records and send them to beneficiaries as a solitary secure scrambled conveyance. Not at all like email or most record sharing administrations, all conveyance action is for all time logged for administrative consistence purposes.

Biscom FAX for JetAdvantage – Enables validated clients to sweep, review and fax archives, and access approved arrangements of beneficiary fax numbers, dispensing with the requirement for a fax card in the MFP or a telephone line. Verified clients can likewise view and print got faxes.

Biscom Digital Fax for JetAdvantage – Enables validated clients to examine high-goals, shading records and send them carefully by means of a safe cloud administration, wiping out the requirement for and cost of phone lines. Gotten amazing reports can be seen safely on the shading show board and alternatively printed or sent. For instance, a lab report or medicinal record containing shading pictures can be sent safely from an emergency clinic EHR framework to a Jet Advantage MFP at another area.

To help secrecy for administrative consistence, client confirmation can be empowered at the gadget with an identification output or secret key. Also, Biscom SFT and Digital Fax applications for JetAdvantage encode reports in travel and very still.

“Working with HP, we are broadening the ability of a MFP and empowering laborers to accomplish more in less time,” as indicated by Charlie Magliato, Vice President of Channels at Biscom. “These new applications secure record trade by taking out paper faxes sitting in open plate, supplanting unreliable email to send classified data, and giving a safe computerized interface to view and share high-quality reports.”

“Biscom, an innovator in secure archive conveyance and a HP accomplice for a long time, is in the vanguard of engineers for the JetAdvantage App’s program,” as per Paul Birkett, Director Worldwide Workflow Solutions at HP. “With their experience we are eager to give simple access to their incredible cloud stage on our MFP gadgets to speed up and secure clinical work processes.”

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