5 Things To Know About HP’s Major Print Security And Software


The HP Inc. enterprises never fail in sending security updates and the world begins to bind trust the company. Lately, HP grounded and nailed as the most secure and best printing systems in the world. Dave Packard and Bill Hewlett pushed and mentored engineers to strive hard in providing the highest-quality experiences for its customers and partners.

Recently, HP announced 5 new printer security features. The key points jolted down in a nutshell as

  1. Security and management integration
  2. Firmware update
  3. Cloud-based apps
  4. New Analytics
  5. Partner Opportunities

Printer security is fascinating when addressed. In fact, it ignored, it is a board-level issue. The printer security is often an afterthought for safeguarding an organisation’s data, finances, client data, operational abilities and, ultimately, reputation. Unfortunately, printers have become popular entry points for hackers and can cause digital mayhem. Well, now as HP has taken the pledge to address security breach issues. HP has released a new firmware update to fix the security exploits. Adding more, the organisation takes a step ahead in laying the foundation of integration.

A quarantine protection can be ensured with an automated event response. With seamless integration and true mobility solutions, HP Inc has proved to work together in delivering an integrated experience. Anaccelerated integration from the organisation can be an aspiration for millions of users worldwide. In short, let the introduction of security features be a breaking dawn between hackers and data.

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