123.hp.com/amp100 Printer Setup Guide

Pair your mobile devices for printing and music streaming using an 123.hp.com/AMP100 printer. Use the HP Smart AMP technology to enjoy high-quality audio playback. Using the built-in USB port, charge the supported mobile devices from the printer. Attend the calls and speak to them when the paired is with the mobile devices. Get excellent print-quality for your photos and documents for a variety of paper types and sizes. Choose your flexible connection option to enjoy printing.

HP Amp 100 Printer Features

  1. Conserve up to 50% ink with the help of the Instant Ink feature.
  2. Use the touch screen control panel for easy navigation to the settings.
  3. Offers excellent paper handling technique Up to 60 sheets of paper into the input tray and 25 sheets of paper in the output tray.
  4. Print on both sides of the pages using the manual duplex printing feature to reduce the paper cost and time.
  5. Compatible with the Windows and Mac operating systems.
  6. Print speed for black is 7.8 papers printer setup minute and for color is up to 123.hp.com/AMP100 printer setup 5.5 papers per minute.


123.hp.com/amp100 – Unboxing Printer Setup

For Windows

  • Take out the printer from the box. Peel off packing materials on the interior and exterior of the box and discard them.
  • Examine the contents in the box as it varies by country/region. Use a power cable to begin the connection process.
  • Connect the power cable to the 123.hp.com/AMP100 printer’s rear and to the wall socket. Switch on the printer by pressing the Power button.
  • Load papers into the input tray. Adjust the paper-width guides against the edge of thr paper. Install the ink cartridges into the respective slots.
  • After a while, the printer automatically prints an alignment page. Download the driver and use.exe setup for Windows to install it to start the printing.

For Mac

  • Open the box. Take out the printer from it .Discard all packing materials surrounding the printer and then place the printer on a flat surface.
  • Check out the contents in the box as it differs by country/region. Make use of a power cable to start the connection process.
  • Plug in the power cable to the hindside of the printer and to the wall socket. Turn on the printer by pressing the Power button.
  • Insert plain papers into the input tray. Alignment of papers can be done using the paper-width guides. Insert the ink cartridges into the corresponding slots.
  • Wait for a second for the 123.hp.com/AMP100 printer to print an alignment page. Download the driver and click the .dmg file for Mac to start the installation process.

HP Amp 100 Software Installation Guidance

  • Get the updated driver from our website. Ensure that the operating system and printer model number is mentioned properly in the respective tabs.
  • In case the details are inappropriate, the download process does not occur.Once the operating system is mentioned, click the link for the selected operating system.
  • Once the download process is complete. Open the folder where the driver is saved. Double-click on the downloaded setup file to start the installation process.
  • Choose a default store location to store the file. Choose the Next option to commence the installation process. On the Control panel of the screen, select the Printers option and choose Other Hardware options.
  • Select the 123.hp.com/AMP100 printer’s name from the list of available devices. The icon in the screen may vary based on the laptop or system. After the installation, use the printer driver to print a document or photo.
  • You can also use a software installation CD to install the printer driver and software. Choose the mode of connection as Wired or Wireless. Based on the on-screen prompts, you can complete the installation process.

HP Amp 100 Replacing ink cartridges

  • Open the ink cartridge access door. Wait until the carriage is inactive and moves to the middle of the printer.
  • Press on the top of the cartridge to take it out of the cartridge holder. After removing the cartridge, clean the printhead using a damp cloth.
  • Take out the new cartridge from the packaging. Peel off the protective tape on the top of the cartridge.
  • Unnecessary handling of the copper contacts leads to ink system failures. Insert the ink cartridges into their respective slots.
  • Once the ink cartridges are inserted properly, the printer starts printing an alignment page.
  • Alignment page is not printed indicates that the ink cartridges are not installed properly.
  • Install them properly and then start printing. Alignment of cartridges is done for attaining the best quality printouts.

123.Hp.Com/Amp100 – Print Support

HP Amp 100 Printer- ePrint

  • Navigate to the Play Store to download and install the HP ePrint App on your Android mobile device. Select the Data Preferences option and tap Done.
  • On the HP ePrint home screen, tap Grant Permission, Add Cloud Account or Add Email Account. Based on the on-screen instructions, provide access to suitable file or account.
  • On the App, touch Files-> Recent Files. Select the file or folder and pick the document you intend to print. On the Preview screen, make necessary changes with the help of app editing tools. After making the necessary changes, tap Done to revert to the preview screen.
  • Tap Print to start the printing process. In case the 123.hp.com/AMP100 printer does not support the HP ePrint app, you will not be able to print any documents from the mobile phone.

HP Amp 100 Printer – Cloud Print

  • Turn on the HP AMP 100 printer. Insert plain papers into the input tray. Insert the ink cartridges for the printing process. Connect the printer and the system to the same network.
  • Open the Chrome Browser in your system and sign in to the Google Account, if necessary. In case the system does not have a Chrome Browser, install it.
  • Refrain from proceeding until Google Cloud Print recognizes the printer on the network. In case the printer’s name is listed under New Devices, Select Register to enroll and print a confirmation page.
  • In case the 123.hp.com/AMP100 printer’s name is displayed under My devices, then the printer is already registered with Google Cloud Print.
  • In case the printer’s name is not enlisted, make sure that the printer is linked to the network and ensure that the printer has a unique email address.
  • Once the process is done, the printers start printing an alignment page. Now the printer is ready to print.