HP offers a wide range of printers with a variety of specifications to cater to the needs of homes, offices and businesses 123 hp com. Pick a standard model or one that doubles as a scanner or copier. Superior print quality, multi device compatibility and online printing services are some elite features. Print from your mail, Mac, Android device or even when you’re away from your printer. Define your printing needs and choose from HP’s diverse line of products to enjoy a hassle free printing experience.

HP Envy Printers

A svelte and smooth design with swift and clear prints, scans and faxes makes the HP Envy series the ideal printer for those on the go. Print from your smartphone or tablet without the hassle of USB transfer. Feed multi page booklets up to 25 pages, print border-free laser sharp images and reduce paper consumption with the inbuilt Duplex printing feature 123 hp com envy. This is a high-performing, reliable printer and is most preferred at home or labs where high print speed and distinct print quality are desired.


HP Officejet Printers

This is the perfect printer for the workplace with ensured high speed prints. Reduced ink consumption without compromising on print quality enables this printer to deliver over 1000 prints in a month 123 hp com oj. Specially designed to meet time constraints and deadlines at the workplace, this model can print up to twenty pages in one minute. It even comes in a compact, mobile design that fits in any work space . Say goodbye to running out of ink or a sluggish print with HP Officejet Printers.

HP Officejet Pro Printers

An ingenious design offering expert print quality and rapid speed makes this the supreme choice for small offices and home offices (SOHO) 123 hp com ojpro. Easy prints from your smartphone or wireless device, swift scans, copies and prints with prompt paper handling qualifies the advantage of the HP Officjet Pro Printers. A defined speed of up to 24 ppm black and 20 ppm color means you get superfast prints. Ethernet and wireless networking optionsmake this printer revolutionary in nature.


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